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Category: News

06 July

As a cannabis smoker, you might think about how long THC stays in saliva glands. Sometimes, this sudden urge to know about the fact arises due to changes and situations in your life like job switching and any upcoming drug test. People also feel scared to drive after smoking cannabis as it is not legal […]

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05 July

Working regular overnight shifts has distorted Samantha Kadera’s sleep schedule, so the emergency room doctor smokes cannabis a few times a week to relax before bed. It’s a common habit among the young parents that Kadera knows in Manhattan Beach, the upscale Los Angeles suburb where she moved last year to raise her two elementary […]

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04 July

Xzibit’s cannabis brand Napalm has announced an exclusive partnership with Buddies Brand Inc., a cannabis company with a massive retail footprint in California, Washington, and Oregon. Buddies, the “West Coast cannabis brand,” fits well with Napalm’s ethos, as the hip hop artist, actor, and entertainer Xzibit has been a welcomed and well-received celebrity owner with […]

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02 July

Visitors can take edibles and smoke pot for medicinal purposes, but lighting up in public is still illegal Thailand legalized the cultivation and possession of marijuana last week, but the new laws come with regulations and exceptions that could put a damper on the idea of the country as a cannabis haven for tourists. The […]

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01 July

From marijuana farm tours to “bud and breakfast” hotels, American destinations are discovering that “canna-cations” aren’t just for stoners anymore. Adrienne, a fortysomething makeup artist, grew up in the mountains of northern Georgia, a state where cannabis is still illegal. When she and her husband were planning a vacation in 2018, Adrienne, who speaks with […]

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30 June

The cannabis industry has had a major impact on the tiny town of Moffat, Colorado — so much that the town is now considering changing its name to “Kush.” Cassandra Foxx, the mayor of Moffat, tells CNN that the town is home to around 120 residents. Still, “Moffat feels like it’s on the verge of […]

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29 June

Apprentice electrician Cianán Mimna started cultivating cannabis in his bedroom to produce oil for his terminally ill mother Paula An apprentice electrician who started growing his own cannabis to make oil for his terminally ill mother and then started dealing to pals got a suspended sentence in court. Judge Martina Baxter said Cianán Mimna’s “heart […]

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28 June

A farm growing medical marijuana in northern Thailand has been feeding its free-range chickens with cannabis instead of antibiotics, and researchers said the experiment has yielded promising results. Researchers from Chiang Mai University’s Department of Animal and Aquatic Sciences said fewer than 10% of the 1,000 chickens at the farm in Lampang have died since […]

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27 June

The legalization of cannabis and COVID lockdowns appear to have increased its regular use, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report finds. Places that have legalized cannabis appear to have increased its regular use, while COVID lockdowns had a similar effect, raising the risk of depression and suicide, a UN report said on […]

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22 June

Spain may soon legalize cannabis for medical purposes, but associations and experts claim it won’t change the current situation. On May 30, the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) introduced a bill to legalize medical cannabis in the country. According to the bill, patients can access medical cannabis in hospitals’ pharmacies to treat chronic pain from […]

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