Atomik Seeds


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After many years working as breeders for some of the most well-known seeds banks in Spain and Europe, in 2006 Atomik Seeds was born.

Our history in the collection, breeding and improvement of exceptional varieties of cannabis goes back more than 12 years ago. The objective has always been and will be to obtain the best variety of cannabis possible.

The attention to detail we put in every step and our careful control of the conditions of storage and packaging, guarantee up to 100% success in the germination of marijuana seeds.

We know from experience that breeding, improving and stabilizing a variety is an arduous task that can be prolonged during years of work. That is why we work with great care every one of our varieties, dedicating time, observation and care to them until we stabilize them and achieve our expectations and sometimes even surprise ourselfs. All this time in Atomik Seeds we have counted on genetics and cultivators from different countries and continents of the world.

Thanks to this cultural and botanical diversity we have been able to obtain the results that we present today and of which we are really proud. From the beginning we were clear that we wanted to produce our best seeds.

After the selection, crossings and the stabilization of different varieties of cannabis we were able to develop feminized high quality marijuana seeds.

The Atomik Seeds team is made up by a obsessed growers group in obtaining the best genetics and experimenting with new crosses in search of new sensations.

Knowledge, enthusiasm, work and attachment to our favorite plant are the values ​​on which we build this company.

Genetics 100% original, feminized, autoflowering and top quality make up the garden of Atomik Seeds. A place where we do not stop giving our maximum attention in developing the best possible strain. Our commitment to quality has always been focused on getting the best product at the lowest price. Being producers of our own seeds allows us to offer you a catalog of the highest quality and at a really affordable price.