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Columbia Care – Monroe County Delivery


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Columbia Care is a  Rochester Medical Marijuana Delivery Service   Columbia Care proudly serves the medical marijuana patient community of Monroe County, New York, as the first licensed delivery company in the state. Assisting patients and caregivers unable to visit their storefront dispensary facilities, Columbia Care delivers their high-quality medical cannabis goods to homebound patients who qualify for their compassionate delivery services.   History: Columbia Care’s founder petitioned to open their dispensary due to their personal experience witnessing medical marijuana heal his mother’s arthritis and restore her quality of life. An active woman who loved writing letters to her family, his mother slowly lost control of her hands and grew weaker and less happy. The founder’s family friend suggested he give his mother cannabis oil as a treatment, and within merely weeks, his mother regained mobility in her hands and energy along with it. Inspired by this radical change, the founder organized a coalition of like-minded individuals seeking to help others through medical marijuana to launch what would eventually become Columbia Care. In 2013, they opened their first marijuana dispensary, and in early 2017, the state of New York licensed Columbia Care as the first cannabis delivery service dedicated to helping homebound Rochester cannabis patients to access high-grade medical marijuana treatment.   Products: Dedicated to helping as many patients as possible, Columbia Care’s Rochester delivery system provides a range of different cannabis therapies. With everything from tinctures and liquid suspensions to vaporization oils and capsules, Columbia Care’s medicines come in a spectrum of CBD to THC ratios. Crafting each of their marijuana treatments in-house through their vertically integrated system, their delivery ensures the highest possible level of cannabis development and quality for their patients.   Process: To qualify for Columbia Care’s Rochester delivery service, patients or caregivers must meet several prerequisites. Patients must reside in Monroe County and have previously visited their Rochester dispensary location and completed and consultation with their dispensary pharmacist. The patient must suffer from a physical incapacity that makes transportation highly challenging or otherwise have mobility issues that inhibit travel. Columbia Care’s delivery service may also request additional documents, including a doctor’s note or NYS parking permit as proof of disability. Patients also must be currently enrolled in New York’s medical marijuana program and be in possession of a NY Medical Marijuana ID Card.   Each delivery costs a fixed rate of $20 per transaction, and Columbia Care accepts debit card payments only from their Rochester patients. All deliveries are fulfilled on Fridays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM and orders must be completed with more than 48-hour’s notice by 5:00 on Tuesdays.   Service Locations: Columbia Care delivers their medical marijuana goods out of their Rochester dispensary, catering to home-bound patients throughout Rochester and Monroe County. Their drivers will transport their delivered cannabis to Hamlin, Hilton, Clarkson, Brockport and Churchville, as well as Webster, Fairport, Honeoye Falls and Pittsford. Whether patients reside in Rochester or Irondequoit, Greece or Scottsville or Henrietta, Columbia Care proudly serves their suffering medical marijuana patients.   Location Infobrmation: Rochester, New York, lies on the south shore of Lake Ontario in the western region of the state. Serving as the county seat of Monroe County, Rochester is home to plenty of tourist locations and cultural destinations. Visitors fly in via the Greater Rochester International Airport, located southwest of the University of Rochester along the Genesee River. The Rochester Museum u0026 Science Center showcases hands-on exhibits and a planetarium, while the Seneca Park Zoo features abundant exotic and native animal species. From the Seabreeze Amusement Park to the Irondequoit Bay, Columbia Care strives to aid any patient in need.