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Double Bear Premium Concentrates


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We are two Dutch Brothers committed to setting an ethical, responsible example through research and advocacy in an effort to challenge the antiquated status quo of cannabis and its effects.

We are dedicated to building mutually-sustainable relationships between producers, stores, and communities in order to further the love, generosity, and acceptance that is the culture of cannabis.

Together, let’s move cannabis forward.

The term master grower is thrown around often in the cannabis industry, typically self-proclaimed and unfounded. We’re not going to say we’re master growers, but we’re growers. Van Wingerden’s have been growing since the 1890s; vegetables, bedding plants, ornamentals – you name it, we’ve grown it. Early generations honed skills throughout the early to mid-1900s in the heartland of horticulture – the Netherlands. As technology advanced and growing methods evolved, so did we.

In 1948, the aftermath of World War II found the Van Wingerden family seeking greener pastures. With nothing but a few dollars and a strong work ethic, a move overseas to the garden state of New Jersey was made. There was plenty of struggle during that time, but we didn’t stop growing. Using the Dutch techniques and strategies passed down from father to son over the course of a century, our family grew to be a leader in the commercial horticulture industry. Today, Van Wingerden’s own and operate twenty-plus commercial grows stretching across the United States from New Jersey to Washington.

With 2012’s cannabis legalization in Washington State came a whole new frontier, an opportunity to bring our skills to a brand new industry. Established fifth generation growers Mike and Matt Van Wingerden took the plunge into this new industry and transformed a third of their existing three-acre greenhouse into what is now Double Dutch Farms.

Using a century worth of growing knowledge along with the innovation and technology we’ve implemented in our grow, we aim to supply Washington State with the finest, highest quality sungrown cannabis at the lowest cost to you.