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Emerald Farm Tours


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Cultivated Cannabis Tour Experiences
Get an insider’s look at California’s most prestigious farms, manufacturing facilities and retail marijuana businesses.
Meet the farmers, extraction technicians, bakers and budtenders who produce and purvey the world’s best cannabis products.
Let our industry veterans guide you on a once-in-a-lifetime trip through the legal marijuana industry. Come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for this incredible plant.
Our tours currently include: The Bay Area and Mendocino County.

Our signature farm tours can’t be beat! Take a tour of some of the most successful farms in the business of growing cannabis. Meet the farmers, walk their grounds, and take in the majestic beauty of living, breathing cannabis plants. Tours and locations vary by season.

Take a guided 420-friendly city tour of San Francisco’s most famous sights and stoner-friendly tourist attractions as you cruise aboard one of our luxury limos. Experience the top-shelf VIP treatment at every retail cannabis lounge we visit during the tour and take advantage of specials and deep discounts offered only to our guests.
These tours are perfect for anyone visiting the Bay Area — but the locals love them, too!

Go up the production chain to get a deeper understanding of how some of the world’s finest cannabis products are made — from crude cannabis oil to the finished products sitting on a retailer’s shelves. Your industry veteran tour guide will lead you on a journey through grows and manufacturing facilities where you’ll get a very special glimpse into their products, processes and people. Come away with a rich understanding of what it takes to make the cut as a California cannabis product manufacturer.