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Fillabong 2 – Bremerton


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**ALL SALES TAX IS INCLUDED IN ALL PRICES**nFillabong Bremerton is FINALLY OPEN!! NOW with 2 locations our team is eager and excited to help you find what you are looking for. Here at Fillabong we are medically endorsed. Our roots were ‘Greent thumb Inc’ of Kitsap County and we have been helping and serving the community with their medical needs a little over 6 years. Please feel free to come in and indulge on our daily deals or sign up for our digital rewards program which allows you to recieve 20% off every ten visits! Also another cool offer that comes with the digital rewards is you can sign in at either location as long as there is a 6 hour grace period inbetween visits 🙂 nnHave a request or suggestion? nPlease let any of the staff know and we’ll try our best to bring in those products to you 😀 nnDaily Deals :nMonday : MmmmMmmm Monday ~ 15% off any ediblenTuesday : Toke it up Tuesday ~10% off any Pre-RollnWednesday : Waxy Wednesday ~ 10% off any waxnThursday : Throw down Thursday ~ 15% off anything in the storenFriday : $5 dollar Friday ~ $5 off EVERY $50 you spendnSaturday : Shatter Day Saturday 10% off any shatter or HashishnSunday : Spin the Wheel Sunday ~ spin the wheel for up to 20% percent discount