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Ganja Yoga San Diego


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WELCOME to Soul Star Energy Healing!
It is my mission to guide you on a deep healing journey to ignite and awaken the connection between your mind, body, heart and soul.
Take the greatest step of your life, commit to your self, and move forward on your personal journey to the discovery of your soul’s authentic truth, purpose and divine light.

It is everyone’s birthright to live their purpose, and it is my honor to guide you on your journey to your best, most authentic version of your true self

…I promise, it’s greater than you can possibly imagine!
Let’s rediscover it together…

My holistic approach includes a unifying health vision that encompasses all parts of the human being: body, mind, and spirit. Holism, whose etymology comes from the Greek word “olos”,considers the human being as the whole of all its parts: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.

The body, the mind, and the spirit are not actually separated, but interpenetrate and influence each other. In fact, if a “part” undergoes an alteration, the other “parts” also suffer. You might even consider them like layers. While physical disease manifests on the physical plane, it can often be traced back to emotional and mental patterns that originate deep within the energetic part of your being. Life experiences such as trauma, relationship issues, pain and that feeling of being “stuck in the same cycle” are a direct result of unhealed energetic blockages that manifest and repeat themselves in the physical body until released. In fact, by the time disease manifests itself on the physical plane, it has already penetrated through and manifested through the energetic and emotional levels of being.

While many believe (and much of modern medicine is geared toward) the idea that disease is caused by external factors, it is actually caused by internal imbalances in the energetic, emotional, and psychological factors that contribute to its manifestation.

For this reason, the holistic approach is not aimed at treating the symptom, but rather is oriented to identify the real cause of the problem.

In this vision, every illness is seen as a message (manifested in the body) that must be understood and listened to; certainly not repressed.

Unfortunately, even today, I see many people using drugs and pharmaceuticals with a lot of superficialities; without being aware of what you are doing and how these substances are shutting down your body’s natural processes to heal itself. Even if it’s for a headache, people feel overwhelmed by the sense of discomfort and think a pill is the solution. Instead of understanding the reason for the manifestation of that problem, we only try to eliminate it, moreover as quickly as possible.

I know that things are not so easy to manage. Especially today, when we are working more hours for less pay, and constantly programmed and fearful of the information we see all over the media and our computers. And especially when we so desperately need to find harmony and balance in our everyday frantic life. It can get harder and harder to find, especially when you don’t know where to look.

So I decided to create a wider kind of project, a mission made up of a mixture, a powerful combination of the most amazing disciplines, practices, and practices, and inspirations to help you find your better version of yourself.

I believe balance is something you need to work on, and you need to commit to your health on ALL levels (body, mind, and spirit).