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Heavenly Tours


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What we Offer:
We host an exclusive DIY (Do It Yourself) Cannabis Club Tour which consists of gaining entry and full access to three top quality cannabis clubs in Barcelona city centre, including one years subscription for € 28,- per person.
Barcelona & World Famous Cannabis Clubs
For anyone who enjoys smoking cannabis and wishes to do so in a relaxing and friendly environment without breaking the law, Barcelona is the best place to visit in Europe. Personal use of weed in Barcelona became legal around 2000 and it makes visiting this beautiful and historic city an even better experience.
It is now commonplace for weed in Barcelona to be enjoyed in private cannabis clubs. As long as you’re registered to be a member you can return as many times as you want to enjoy your weed. These coffee shops sell a wide variety of cannabis and the quality of the marijuana is seen as superior to the strains found in Amsterdam.
Weed in Barcelona is generally stronger, fresher and has a more enticing fragrance. The cost of cannabis in Barcelona is usually lower than other places in Europe and not as over-processed. When you take into consideration the fantastic weather and the relaxed atmosphere in the city, there are few better destinations to enjoy cannabis in another country.

Barcelona’s Coffee Shops Explained
Cannabis clubs are also known as coffee shops in Barcelona, the big difference being they are not open to the general public. They are members only clubs that allow you to relax in comfort without fear of breaking any laws. These cannabis clubs provide the perfect ambience for you to smoke high quality weed with other likeminded people.
Before you can enjoy the benefits of consuming cannabis in a cannabis club you are required to become a member. This will involve paying a small 12 month fee, although some do offer shorter alternatives. Part of the process also includes providing your personal information, permitting copies of your passport to be taken, signing club documentation and on occasion a photograph may be taken and stored.
The inside of a cannabis club is different to commercial styles of coffee shops in Barcelona. They offer a more informal, relaxed atmosphere thanks to the lighting and comfortable seating provided. It creates a personal feel with plenty of space so you won’t be overcrowded with tourists and can enjoy some of the best cannabis in Barcelona at your leisure.

Cannabis Laws – Weed in Barcelona
Before travelling to become a member at a one of these Barcelona coffee shops you should be aware of the marijuana laws in the city. Below are the important rules to take note of before acquiring any weed.
Smoking cannabis in Barcelona is legal for personal use in private only but you are not allowed to do so in public.
You must be over 18 to join a cannabis club.
Growing weed in Barcelona is legal but you are limited to a maximum of 80 grams at any one time.
The transportation and selling of cannabis is a legal offence across Barcelona.
The freedom to smoke weed in Barcelona allows fans of marijuana the chance to enjoy high grade cannabis in a truly amazing city. However, the breaking of any local or national laws could lead to fines, criminal charges, or even jail time. Always smoke responsibly and respect the legal boundaries at all times.

The great thing about coffee shops/Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona is they are open to anyone. However, before joining there is some criteria you will have to meet:

Annual membership fees
Barcelona’s cannabis clubs ask that you become a member before entering. This is usually a yearly payment ranging anywhere between €10 to €50.
Invitation only
The only way you can become a member is by being endorsed by an existing member. If you do not know anyone, an alternative is to request an invitation from one of the cannabis clubs via social media. In most cases they will respond to your query quickly.
No guests allowed
Only official members can visit a cannabis club and any unexpected visitors or guests will not be allowed entry. If you want to enjoy smoking cannabis in Barcelona with a friend they must also apply for a membership.
Bring your ID
You must have ID when visiting any of the Barcelona coffee shops. This will be needed for the sign-up process, or if you are ever asked to verify your membership at a later date.

All of our customers are guaranteed a truly memorable experience in Barcelona thanks to our professionally cultivated Cannabis Club Tour. We only work with the most reputable clubs in Barcelona that provide exceptional high-grade quality cannabis, hash and extracts including CBD/THC oils.

Our DIY Cannabis Club Tour makes it easy to find your way around Barcelona to locate and enjoy our exclusive cannabis clubs. All of the information you need to find them will be supplied prior to your departure. This leaves you in full control of when and how many cannabis clubs you visit during your stay, which is why our tour is one of the most popular anywhere in Europe.

When you have booked the Cannabis Club Tour via our website we will send you an email confirmation of your purchase. You will also receive your exclusive Cannabis Club Tour invitation booking which you will need to show at any cannabis club detailed on our list. Also included will be the full location details and opening hours of all of our exclusive cannabis club partners in Barcelona.