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High Siskiyou Tours


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Our tours are about more than information. They’re about fun and adventure! Ricky Price is a committed tour guide with insights that will connect you to the epic locations you will be seeing in the Rogue Valley, the way only someone who really loves Southern Oregon could!

13 years ago on a beach in Maui…

Ricky and Bliss were married and they decided to create their own touring experience for their honeymoon. They bought a Volkswagen van, named her “Destiny”, and explored the island on their own, picking up friends and hitchhikers along the way to share their experiences with. “Destiny” was soon known as the most adventurous touring experience in town. When they moved to Ashland 7 years later, now with their two daughters Eden and Bella, still infused with that same spirit of adventure and freedom that inspired their epic honeymoon, they began exploring the valley in search of the best places the High Siskiyou’s had to offer in Nature, Nightlife, Wineries, Breweries and Kind Farms.

High Siskiyou Tours is a new experience for everyone.

Arrive in downtown Ashland to meet and greet, and aboard the High Siskiyou Tour van. First visit is at the dispensary, exploring cannabis strains and products. We believe in the healing properties and benefits of cannabis and other herbs in supporting health and wellness. Knowledgeable staff will offer information about these benefits, strains and products designed for each individuals’ needs.
High Siskiyou Tours offer a five element “Kind” of experience. Whether you are looking to visit a winery, brewery, go for a hike, or see some of the finest live music in the valley, there is an experience for everyone. These tours are what separate us from the normal routine and tourist sites, taking you on an adventure that is at the heart and spirit of nature.