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Karuna Health Foundation


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Welcome to Karuna Health Foundation , The Directors and their Staff are here for the chronically and terminally ill of Vancouver, and indeed all of Canada. We believe that our members deserve the highest quality medicine, at the most affordable prices, to improve their quality of life and long lasting peace of mind while healing from any number of severe and chronic illnesses.

Since taking over, the new directors have attempted to make it a one stop shop for all your medicinal cannabis needs. Offering over 90 strains and 50 extracts. Karuna has a huge variety of products. Anywhere from Phoenix tears and tinctures all the way to infused bath balms and skin creams. If you can’t find it with us just ask and we’ll probably have it. We pride ourselves on having not only the largest variety of product but the best of the best. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer your questions, as well as your every medicinal cannabis need. Our new locations are even further geared towards medicinal community needs. Now offering fresh frozen smoothies, drinks, ice cream, coffees and Slurpees for those who need a little bit of sweetness. We also offer lab tested canna caps but not your average ground up shake rather Kief filled caps as well as single, double and triple dose oil filled canna caps, the list goes on. These are just samples of what we carry including infused butters and Oil for your own baking. So there you have it, at Karuna we strive to be the absolute best. A place you know that has a certified organic bakery as well as licensed top-tier grows putting out high CBD and THC flowers designed specifically for the medicinal cannabis community. We also offer social media on multiple platforms to address everybody’s method of finding us or getting our information. We also offer delivery and doctor consultations for those who are not mobile or for those in need. Being a non for Profit Company we also offer donations to those who cannot afford their medicine although designed as an emergency policy we pride ourselves on our compassion.

Karuna also does multiple charity drives for various charitable groups so as a member you know that your donations are going to often good causes if not towards bettering your club. We at Karuna always try to hear our members concerns and compliments allowing us to direct Karuna in the right path that serves its members. We hope to always be coming from a place of compassion and wisdom so that the Lower Mainland and the rest of Canada can call Karuna their home for all of their medicinal cannabis needs. No amount of money or members will stop us from being the family-oriented, and compassionate people that we strive to be. We listen to our members we want to keep Karuna their vision as well as ours. Karuna will always be a place for its members, guided towards what its members want and not solely what the operators want but rather a collective vision to send Karuna on the correct path towards harmony and health. Both the Karuna directors and the Karuna staff wish to thank their members and let them know that we are always here for them. Thank you to all, as together you have made Karuna what it is. Thank you to each and every one of our members for our success, because of you we are headed in the right direction making Karuna a better place for all. Thanks for listening and have a great day, now isn’t it 4:20 pm.