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NETA – Northampton


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NETA It is clear that NETA takes pride in all aspects of cannabusiness operations, but their products and individualized patient services are what truly set it apart from the rest of the cannabis industry. Their staff is well trained and friendly. Their deep knowledge base helps to effectively guide patients through the challenges associated with: strain differentiation, consumption methods, applications and more, all with an eye towards identifying just what products work best for each patient’s needs. Menu: NETA’s menu includes several brands of cannabis products that include topicals, edibles, vaporizer products, concentrates, flowers, and more, all in different varieties, potencies, and cannabinoid profiles. As a vertically integrated organization, NETA produces all of their cannabis products at their state-of-the-art cultivation and processing center in Franklin. Independent laboratories test all of NETA’s therapies for potency, pathogens, and other contaminants, so patients can rest assured their medicine is of the highest quality. NETA accepts both cash and pin-based card transactions at their Northampton and Brookline facilities. They provide discounts to those eligible for their financial hardship program and also offer new patients $49 off their first $50 purchase. Their staff is easily reachable either by phone or through their very active social media presence, where questions are typically answered in less than 24 hours. Access to their facilities is easy with ample parking and handicap accessibility at all locations Service Locations: NETA proudly operates two retail facilities in Massachusetts: Northampton in the west and Brookline in the Boston metro area. Both are easily accessible via major highways and public transportation. Patients are welcome and encouraged to visit both locations.