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Ohio Green Cards


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Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio is easy if you qualify. If you have one of the 21 Medical Conditions approved by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OOMCP), and you have a record from you doctor, you qualify. Simply follow our three easy steps to get your card.

OhioGreenCards.com is convenient. Sign up on our website and upload your qualifying medical records that show you have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions, all from the privacy of your home.

We’ll look at your records before your appointment to make sure you qualify. Your appointment will be short but thorough. Ask any questions and our doctors will make sure you have the information you need.

We care about your wellbeing. While Medical Marijuana is not for everyone, it may help in your situation better than many other medications. Medical Marijuana can be an all-natural alternative.


Q What conditions make a patient eligible for medical marijuana in the State of Ohio?

The Ohio Medical Board has approved 21 medical conditions for treatment with medical marijuana. You can take a look at the full list of qualifying conditions for more information.

Q How do I get an Ohio Marijuana Card?

Our team specializes in helping patients across the state of Ohio obtain their medical marijuana cards. With locations in all major Ohio cities, our doctors are here to help you through the process. Give us a call, or send us a message, if you’d like to find out more information about how you can get your medical marijuana card in Ohio.

Q If I make an appointment, am I guaranteed to get approved?

Ohio Green Cards cannot guarantee approval of your medical marijuana card. A certified medical marijuana doctor must make a determination whether or not an individual patient will receive a recommendation for medical marijuana following an examination. To increase the likelihood of a doctor recommendation we recommend that you bring to your appointment all relevant medical records documenting your qualifying condition. Obtaining your medical records is easy, but if you are having trouble, we can help you obtain these records from other doctors that you have visited in the past.

Q What is the cost for a medical marijuana card in Ohio?

Some doctors charge over $450 just for an initial examination. We feel strongly that if you qualify for medical marijuana, you shouldn't have trouble accessing it due to cost. As such, we offer a variety of payment methods and discounts for veterans, as well as referral discounts to those who spread the word about our services. After the first appointment, all required follow-ups are discounted.

Q Where can patients purchase medical marijuana?

Once you have obtained a recommendation from a certified doctor and received your medical marijuana card, you'll be able to purchase medical marijuana at any of the 60 licensed dispensaries located throughout the state of Ohio. Though there have been many unforeseen delays in getting dispensaries up and running, we expect to see the first dispensaries available to patients in late 2018, with all dispensaries operational by the end of 2019.

Q How much medical marijuana can be purchased from the dispensary?

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program has set caps on the amount of marijuana that can be purchased by a patient within a 90-day period. The amounts vary by the form of medical marijuana being purchased.

Q Are patients allowed to smoke medical marijuana?

Dispensaries will likely be selling marijuana flowers and plant material, but you are expected to only use these products for vaporizing. The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program has strictly banned the smoking of medical marijuana. That said, many patients quickly discover the many benefits of vaporizing medical marijuana and put aside their unhealthy smoking habit.

Q Will patients have access to other marijuana products?

In addition to vaporizing, Ohio medical marijuana dispensaries will also have a variety of other cannabis products, from tinctures to edibles, creams and oils.