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On Deck Coop


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We are a members-only delivery service for Simi Valley. Our hours are as follows: Verification / Appointments – 10am-10pm, Delivery Hours: 11am-11pm Please use our pre-verification link on our website to become a member more easily! Once you are a registered member, you can make appointments for delivery beginning at 9am and have it delivered between the hours of 11am and 11pm 7 days a week, 365 days a year. DO NOT call and ask us about our medicine unless you are a member already. The 4 C’s of On Deck Cooperative: Compassion, Convenience, Confidentiality, and Consistency. How to Become a Member Verify yourself as a medical patient Click the pre-verification link (at www.ondeckcoop.com) and fill in your information If you have a scanner or a 6-megapixel or better digital camera, you CAN email a decent, legible copy of your Driver’s License and your Dr.’s Recommendation (this will speed up the verification and intake process) to ondeckcoop818@gmail.com before calling to make an appointment If you don’t have access to the internet, verify yourself over the phone (818-253-4632) and have the following information ready: Driver’s License Dr.’s Recommendation Call and make an appointment Appointments can be made same-day or in advance by phone or online. All current menu items can be found on the MENU page of our website. For your first appointment, expect to verify your identity to the driver. He or she will make a copy of your License and Dr.’s Rec if we do not already have one. Everyone will be expected to sign a Membership Agreement outlining the mission and rules of On Deck Cooperative. HOUR OR LESS anywhere in the Simi Valley!! (on a typical day) The dispatcher should be able to give an accurate ETA for the delivery driver and WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN THE DRIVER IS CLOSE AND WHAT KIND OF CAR HE/SHE WILL BE DRIVING. If you make an appointment in advance, we pride ourselves on BEING ON TIME. We know your time is important and we want to make this as easy and non-time-consuming as possible. Free delivery with the donation of $40 or more.