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Proper Dose


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Please have money ready before you place an order and have exact change or request change upon order if needed! Minimum $25 delivery for First Time Patients Minimum $20 delivery for returning Patients For Members outside our driving radius a delivery fee may apply depending on delivery address!!! Returning Patients last call is at 30min until closing (Please note that deliveries requested last minute may or may not be taken depending on call volume. First time Patients please get your orders in by 9 pm and have your Recommendation, Photo ID, Cash on Hand and the physical address you would like your delivery. Deliveries requested after last call may or may not be taken depending on call volume! THIS COLLECTIVE EXCLUSIVELY DEALS WITH ITS MEMBERS AND ITS MEMBERS ONLY!!! PLEASE BE AVAILABLE TO PICK UP OR RECEIVE YOUR OWN MEDS! THANK YOU!! First time Patients Receive a **Free** Gram (house choice) with minimum purchase of $40 or TS Preroll with purchase under $40****!!!!!LOYALTY PROGRAM!!!!!***** (every three donations receive a free gift) 1st set of 3 stars free Top Shelf Preroll 2nd set of 3 stars free Edible (house choice) 3rd set of 3 stars free Gram (house choice) 4th set of 3 stars free edible (house choice) 5th set of 3 stars free Presidential Preroll (house Choice) To participate hand driver loyalty stamp card at delivery to insure credit for that days donation!  Any Deals that are claimed on Weeda do not qualify for a FTP Gram! ***2g for $25 TOP SHELF*** ***2g for $20-$30 TS, PR, EXOTIC*** ***5g for $50-$60 TS,PR, EXOTIC*** *** 10g for $75- $110 TOP SHELF-PRIVATE RESERVE-EXOTIC*** ***THERE IS A $5 SPLIT FEE FOR ANY 1/8