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RISE Silver Spring


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Rise is honored to deliver their award-winning, nationally trusted marijuana services and products to medical marijuana patients in Silver Spring and throughout Maryland. Passionate about helping patients access a natural alternative to achieve health and relief, Rise-Silver Spring dedicates all efforts to allowing patients safe, educational access to the best quality medical cannabis options.   History: Rise got their start as a team of compassionate people who saw the tremendous healing potential marijuana had to offer suffering patients.Their founders welcomed the opportunity to help patients access the medicine they needed to get by – especially in the face of harmful or addictive opioid treatments. Operating across the country in several medically legal states, Rise is proud to be among the vanguard of medical cannabis dispensaries serving the Silver Spring and Maryland patient community. Their care specialist team strives to be valuable additions to their community, and as such Rise participates in many community events and hosts educational sessions to better their patients’ cannabis knowledge.To Rise, everything centers on improving their patients’ lives. A single story of a patient’s happy relief makes everything worth it.   Staff: Rise’s team of care specialists are utterly committed to helping patients access the cannabis care they need.They’ll take the time to welcome new visitors, ensuring they’re comfortable and gaining a detailed understanding of their situation. Then, Rise will work with each person to find an optimal cannabis solution, tracking future visits and the marijuana medicine’s success to see what does or doesn’t work. Rise’s staff wants every patient to feel comfortable in their Silver Spring dispensary, and their welcoming facility is designed to be open and inviting. Always striving to do right by their guests, Rise-Silver Spring will take as much time as needed to offer patients a successful treatment and thorough cannabis education.   Menu: Working with Maryland marijuana providers, Rise aims to provide a robust and reasonably priced cannabis selection to their dispensary customers. They carry flower, concentrates, vaporizers, and topicals, with plan to expand their marijuana range as the Maryland cannabis market grows. Rise’s goal is to partner with as many vendors as possible and refine their product offerings to meet the specific needs of their cannabis patients. In addition to their marijuana selection, Rise will offer a modest sampling of pipes, rolling papers, and other consumption accessories. All cannabis products are lab tested for purity before landing on Rise’s Silver Spring shelves.   Service Locations: Silver Spring patients can find Rise between Fenton Street and the central Georgia Avenue, located in the Fenton Street Village. They welcome Maryland marijuana patients from Downtown Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Woodside Forest and Clifton Park Village. Residents of Langley Park, Adelphi Park, Avenal, and Wheaton may explore Rise’s selection of cannabis therapies. Rise invites visitors from Bethesda, Kensington and Huntington Terrace to their marijuana dispensary, from Rockville to Hyattsville and beyond. All medical marijuana patients in Maryland are welcome at their facility.   Location Information: Silver Spring, Maryland, was founded directly adjacent to Washington D.C. and located in Montgomery County. Its Downtown area is host to many entertainment activities, such as the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center. The Downtown Silver Spring shopping mall hosts bustling retail outlets and restaurants located across the street from the Ellsworth Place five-story shopping center. The Fillmore Silver Spring houses national music tours and big-name artists on its stages, while the Meadowbrook Local Park houses walking trails and sports fields for outdoor lovers to enjoy. From the Sligo Creek Golf Course to the Jesup Blair Local Park, Silver Spring patients can find cannabis relief at Rise’s dispensary.