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We are in the business of producing really, really good, high quality medical marijuana products. We are committed to producing clean, healthy, tasty medicine, continuing the search for new, innovative, natural remedies, and alleviating pain, stress and bad vibes.

Our ultimate goal is to see our medicine in every Arizona dispensary. Well, that and eventually Sublime brand world domination.

Remember the part about really, really good, high quality medical marijuana?

We stand by that, and if you are in some way dissatisfied with our product, we will do everything in our power to remedy the situation. Also, our logo is pretty cool, if you are into looks.

7 Reviews for Sublime Brands

Secloudry 1 Reviews
Amazing quality

Top knotch quality products on the market! Pain free for the first time in a very long time!

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Great Products

Great quality products! I have never felt so good with any other product on the market! Thank you for giving me a new outlook on life!

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Shawn 1 Reviews
Absolutely life changing

Absolutely a life-changing company there quality products has definitely succeeded by expectations

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KimFair 1 Reviews
Best Flavor & Quality THC Treats I’ve Ever Had!

Not only was everything I’ve tried from Sublime incredibly delicious but the best I’ve ever had! Everything from their Rainbow Rice Crispy Treat to the Peach Mango Rings all the way to their extremely strong & yummy Ruby Cocoa Chocolate Bar absolutely everything I’ve tried has been fire!

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Tank Williams 1 Reviews
Great People, Great Product

Fantastic wholesale relationship, even better products. Never a complaint from a customer!

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Diesoul 1 Reviews
THC candies

Sublime makes the best THC candies on the market! I tried the peach mango gum drops and was truly impressed. Great taste and great high!

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William Klaus 1 Reviews
White Chocolate Pistachio 250mg Bar…

Decided to taste something different and was blown away! The taste was incredible. The high I received was smooth and relaxing. Great quality product!

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