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 January 11, 2018

Weeda® transforms cannabis businesses by becoming the one platform online that allows users and consumers to effortlessly discover, save, and share great recommendations when planning a trip, a wedding, a cannabis-related event.

All this is now possible with Weeda® – the all-in-one platform that will meet your expectations and requirements!

Travelers want to experience their trips and vacations with confidence, maximize the value of their requirements when it comes to finding the best place to visit, lodge, meet with friends, and much more.

Through our reviews, Weeda® provides travelers with the wisdom of the crowds to help them decide where to stay, how to book, what to visit, and enjoy the full cannabis experience anywhere, anytime.

With a dedicated team that promises to give you the best experience, our mission is to provide the world with a one-stop platform for any cannabis-related businesses Worldwide.

Plan your next trip with Weeda®

Weeda® is the place to search and where you will be able to find your next perfect trip.

Our users have access to a worldwide platform covering all these needs that will fulfill even the most specific requirements and expectations.

What can you do on Weeda®?

  • Add your dispensary, shop, or any other category related to cannabis
  • Promote your business online on our website that will reach a worldwide audience – through your own dashboard
  • Direct messaging service with potential clients – generate business
  • Add reservations with a link to your bookings platform

Join now – is FREE!

Partners, users, and influencers can click here for additional information, how to join, and/ or list their business that will gain visibility regionally but as well as worldwide.

About Weeda® –

Weeda®, the first all-in-one platform in the cannabis industry that specializes in Dispensaries/ Bus tours/ Smoke Friendly guest homes/ Hotels/luxury/ Resorts and Weddings and more, enables cannabis businesses to get sustainable results and identify their position in the marketplace. With the live reviews and opinions from users and customers, Weeda provides its users with the wisdom of the crowds to help them decide where to stay, where to buy, how to book, etc.

Our mission is to provide the world with a one-stop platform for any 420 related businesses Worldwide.

Our goal is to get sustainable results for our customers, identify their position in the marketplace, and help them succeed in the face of accelerated business industry.

Contact us: press@weeda.biz